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Kincheloe TNR Program
Trap. Neuter. Release.

Step 1: Lure the feral into a live trap

The cat must be in a live trap (see below for example photo) for both their safety and our employees. Only one cat is allowed per trap. If you do not own one, you may borrow one from your local animal shelter. We are unable to spay/neuter feral cats if not in a live trap.

The feral is friendly to me. Why do I have to bring it in a live trap? While the cat may be friendly to you, it does not mean the cat will be friendly to us. For the safety of both cat and human, we require feral cats to come in live traps.

Step 2: Leave a voicemail

Once you have the cat secured in a trap, please call us at 540-507-7461 and leave a voicemail either the night before you plan to bring the cat, or the morning of before 7am. State how many cats you have in a trap. Do not wait for a call back; go ahead and bring the cat in to the clinic.

Please be sure to put your name on the trap and cover the trap with a towel or blanket to help keep the cat calm.


We accept feral cats any surgery day (Mon-Fri). Drop off is between 7:30am-8:30am. Pickup is no later than 6:00pm. 

It is not always a guarantee we will be able to have time to spay/neuter the feral the same day. We will do our absolute best to spay/neuter the cat the day of. If they do not get done that day, you are encouraged to bring back the next day in which case there is a 99% chance they will get done and be bumped up the priority list amongst other ferals brought in. 


Are there discounts for feral cats?

If you are resident in Spotsylvania county, you may go through the Spotsy TNR County Program. After you check-in and drop the cat off with us, you will go next door to the Spotsylvania animal shelter and pay $25. This covers spay/neuter, rabies, and ear tipping. 

If you are not a resident of Spotsylvania county, you will have to pay full price, but the office visit and distemper requirement is waived.

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