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Our Story

LionHearts, Inc. is not your typical animal welfare organization. We joined together with local government and private industry to create an era where spay/neuter became a major solution for reducing the number of animals entering shelters and rescues. After years of work in the animal welfare community and on several county-sponsored spay/neuter committees, it became apparent to the founders of LionHearts that a specific and focused organization must be in place for a spay/neuter clinic to become a reality. In 1998 LionHearts, Inc. was formed to fill that void.


In August of 1999, the County of Spotsylvania agreed to a cooperative effort, and donated space for a Clinic in their new Animal Shelter. The County then honored Virginia Kincheloe, LionHearts president and director, by naming the clinic after her - The Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic. The Shelter and the Clinic opened in March of 2000.


Since that time, the Clinic has provided low cost spay/neuter services to residents of our community for over 85,000 of their cats and dogs. Thus, we have saved countless animals' lives as well as tax payers money by preventing the potential of many more thousands of cats and dogs from entering our already overburdened community Shelters and Rescue organazations 

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