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Female Dogs in Heat

One of the number one complaints we hear is when we have to tell a customer that their female dog was in heat. We immediately hear "she's not bleeding or swollen" or "She just got out of heat 2 weeks ago" This is an explanation of how long heat lasts and why there is a fee. The increased inflammation in the reproductive organs makes for a longer surgery time. Most full service Veterinarians won't go forward with the spay if in heat. Our amazing Veterinarians are well versed as we do this every day and performing a spay on a dog in the heat cycle will not hurt them. Again, it just makes for a longer procedure for the Doctor. That is why there is a fee when your female is in heat. They can be in heat before you ever see bleeding and they can be in Diestrus for up to 60 days after you see bleeding. The 4th stage is 6 months as the uterus repairs itself then back into preparing to go into Stage 1 again. The fee for a female dog in heat is $30.

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