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Grey Cat


A 501(c)3 Nonprofit corporation.

Spay & Neuter For The Health Of Your Pet.

** Now Two Locations To Serve The Community. **
Low Cost Spay & Neuter Clinics

----> Please Note That The $25 Deposit is always Non-Refundable and is location specific. More info below on our price sheet. <----

(If you schedule in Ashland but wanted Fredericksburg you will need to make another appointment and deposit.) 

Fredericksburg, VA

452 TV Drive

Fredericksburg, VA 22408


Facebook Page:

Monday - Friday 10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Cat Drop Off 7:30 am - 8:00 am

Dog Drop Off 8:00 am - 8:30 am


Ashland, VA

12300 Farrington Road

Ashland, VA 23005


Facebook Page:

*Limited Hours at Ashland Clinic Please call & read confirmation emails for hours and drop off times.* 

Price List

The Virginia Kincheloe Spay/Neuter Clinic
Price List effective June 13, 2024

No residency requirements. No income limits.

$25.00 Non-refundable Reservation Fee is due at time appointment is reserved. 

If you cancel, no show, or book at the wrong location you will forfeit your deposit as a donation to the clinic. You can however then claim that donation on your taxes. 
48 hour notice for one-time reschedule.

Due to world economic fluctuations, resulting in immediate increases in expenses, fees
may be increased, as necessary, without notice, to sustain the operation of our clinic.
*Pets six years of age and over will require pre-surgical bloodwork for spay/neuter.

The cost is $200

Office Visit Fee per animal $10
Canine Females:

Canine Spay 05-50 lbs $115

Canine Spay 51-70 lbs $125

Canine Spay 71-95 lbs $145

Canine Males:
Canine Neuter 05-50 lbs $105
Canine Neuter 51-70 lbs $115
Canine Neuter 71-95 lbs $125
Feline Spay $65

Feline Neuter $50

*** Please note there are additional fees for female dogs in heat. Dogs or Cats who are pregnant or have hydrometra/pyometra. Males who are cryptorchid. Animals who are obese and animals over $95 lbs, as this adds to the surgery time. ***
Vaccination/testing provided for SPAYED/NEUTERED PETS ONLY.

Rabies (1 & 3 year) $20
Canine Distemper $17
Feline Distemper $17
Bordetella $17
Lepto $40
Lyme $40
Feline Leukemia $27 

*Be aware some vaccines are a multiple series - ex: puppies & kittens*
Tests Available:
Flex 4-Heartworm & Tick Disease Screen $32
FeLv/Fiv/Heartworm (Feline Leukemia & FIV) $32
Deworming (varies by size/species $8+ (varies by weight)
Heartworm Prevention (varies by size & species) $50+ (varies by weight)

We can Microchip your pet!

One time fee of $30. We register it for your and there is no annual fees. 

We accept Cash, Visa & Mastercard
Bankcard Fee per transaction $5 (Visa & Mastercard)

(we no longer accept American Express & Discover)

We do not have the ability to accept Apple Pay or Cash Apps

*LionHearts, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 charitable organization licensed in the state of Virginia.  
We rely primarily on private donations.
All donations to LionHearts, Inc. are fully tax deductible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why don't you answer your phones?

We are a high volume, non profit clinic. We receive anywhere between 100 to 300 calls a day. In order to keep costs down and staff busy with clinic tasks, we do not answer our phones. 

Why don't you do sick visits for animals? 

We specifically do spay and neuters only to help the ever rising problem of over populated shelters. Spaying and neutering are also for the health of your pet. Backyard breeding and accidental pregnancies introduce animals into homes that may not be safe or no home at all. A host of health problems can arise from pets not being vaccinated so we offer low cost vaccines, to spayed and neutered cats & dog, to help the community keep their fur babies healthy and safe. 

What is the process to spay or neuter a cat or dog? 

You will contact us via phone or google form. We will get back to you as soon as possible that may be up to 2 weeks, depending on the volume of calls we receive. You can now book online. See the links at the top of the page & be sure to pick the right location. 


When we get back to you to schedule your appointment, you will be required to put down a $25 deposit at that time. Any appointment and each animal will require a deposit. This deposit is non-refundable but will apply to the surgery and or vaccine appointment.

If you cancel or no show, the deposit defaults back to the clinic as a donation. (You can claim this on your taxes as we are a non-profit) If you need to reschedule you can do so one time with no penalty within 48 hours of your scheduled appointment.  

You will receive an email with your pre-op instructions. Please read them! This has any and all info you will need to know the day of. Being informed and prepared when you arrive for your appointment will ensure your check in process runs smoothly.


Be prepared to be here for at least 30 to 45 minutes at check in. You will line up outside and we will check you in in the order you arrive so please stand in a single file line. This can be frustrating for some but again please understand we are a high volume clinic and you pay for individual attention at a full service veterinarian.

*These vaccinations/tests must be up to date (with documentation) or will be required prior to or on day of surgery. 
Rabies - We need Certificate or Vet Records not the tag
Distemper - DA2PP for Dogs FVRCP for cats (puppies & kittens get multiples)
Heartworm Test (4DX) for dogs older than 6 mo. Negative test within 30 days of appointment or proof of purchased preventative within time of last test and appointment. (Vet Records or prescription label)

Cat check in is 7:30-8:00 am

Pick up is no later than 6:00 pm

Cats must be in their own carriers, clearly labeled with their first name and your last name. Please put a disposable towel or pee pad in the carrier as they may use the bathroom upon waking up. Kittens 12 weeks and under can and are encouraged to have food the morning of their surgery. Cats and kittens OVER 12 weeks need to fast. (no food after midnight, the night prior to surgery. 

---> If you don't own a cat carrier you can get a nice one at 5Below for $15. Here is the link to order online. Do NOT Bring your cat in a tote or suitcase or bookbag.

Dog check in is 8:00 - 8:30 am

Pick up is no later than 4:30 pm

Dogs must be on a regular leash.


No food after midnight for dogs but they can have water. 

If your dog is anxious around other dogs or humans please let us know when scheduling or checking in so we can accommodate. 

I have a stray cat or cats at my house (feral or friendly)

Cats are considered free roaming animals so animal control will not come and pick up the animal unless its sick or hurt. To help keep down the feral cat population you can TNR - Trap Neuter and Release. (See the top menu item for Feral Cats for more info) 

Please be aware that all animals will go home the day of surgery. We do not keep animals overnight. If you animal is ready for pick up at an earlier time we will call you and let you know what time to pick up. If you do not arrive to get your animal by 6:00 pm when we close they will go over to the animal shelter and you will have to pay to pick them up there. We close at 6:00 for cleaning and will not have any medical staff here to care for your pets. 

Book your Spay or Neuter appointment online for the Fredericksburg location : Book Now

If you have questions and are not ready to book an appointment Click on the link below to inquire about an appointment. 

We are a high volume clinic and do not answer our phones. If you

have submitted a request via phone or through this link we will be 

in touch as soon as possible. It does take about a week or so to get 

a return call. Please do not call multiple times. 

*** We do NOT make appointments through email. ***

Fredericksburg 540-507-7461

Ashland 804-752-7729

If you are ready to book an appointment online, please click here. Note we do require a $25 non refundable deposit per pet per appointment.

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